Oscar-nominated star Lily Gladstone, playing Mollie Kyle in "Killers of the Flower Moon," brings a quiet power to her role as a resilient Osage woman in 1920s Oklahoma

A standout early scene features Gladstone's character, Mollie, and her suitor, Ernest Burkhart (Leonardo DiCaprio), sharing a poignant moment during a thunderstorm and rain, emphasizing the importance of stillness and connection.

Director Martin Scorsese collaborated with Osage consultants, acknowledging their crucial role in shaping the narrative, particularly evident in the aforementioned scene.

Osage community members raised concerns about the portrayal of Mollie's drinking in the script, leading to a significant rewrite that better aligned with Osage cultural values.

Originally a humorous scene of Mollie outdrinking Ernest, the consultation process transformed it into a more authentic and respectful representation of Osage culture and characters.

The article explores the cultural significance of rain for Osage people, emphasizing its symbolism  the film's premiere experiences.as a gift and a transformative experience, aligning with

Lily Gladstone's Oscar nomination for Best Actress marks a historic moment as the first Native American to be recognized in this category, highlighting the film's impact on diverse representation.

The film's premieres coinciding with rain, especially when Osage attendees are present, is seen as a positive sign, reflecting Osage beliefs that rain signifies rebirth and transformation.

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