The Oscars are set to introduce a new category, marking the first addition since the establishment of the best animated feature film in 2001.

Casting directors, often overlooked but crucial to filmmaking, will now have a dedicated award at the Academy Awards, starting from the films released in 2025.

 The Academy recognizes the pivotal role casting directors play in the filmmaking process, emphasizing their importance as key creatives in the entertainment industry.

The decision reflects the Academy's commitment to evolving with the times, acknowledging and celebrating various disciplines within the film industry.

The casting directors' branch was established in July 2013 and currently boasts nearly 160 members, highlighting the growing significance of their role in the industry.

Academy CEO Bill Kramer and Academy President Janet Yang express pride in adding casting as a recognized and celebrated discipline within the evolving Academy.

The new award is hailed as a well-deserved acknowledgment of the exceptional talents of casting directors, recognizing their dedicated efforts in the filmmaking process.

The first casting award will be presented at the 98th Academy Awards in 2026

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