Valentine's Day sparks mixed feelings, with some embracing heart-shaped gifts and others dismissing it as a marketing scam.

The 2010 film "Valentine's Day" explores various relationship dynamics, showcasing both singles who despise the holiday and couples who adore it.

The movie, reminiscent of "Love Actually," weaves together at least six relationship arcs, portraying friendships, marriages, and secret crushes.

For those not in the mood for love, "Valentine's Day" serves as the perfect film to hate-watch, offering an alternative perspective on the romantic holiday.

With a runtime of just over two hours, the film boasts a star-studded cast, featuring Oscar winners such as Anne Hathaway, Bradley Cooper, Julia Roberts, and Jamie Foxx.

A noteworthy aspect is the film debut of Taylor Swift, who appears alongside her ex-partner Taylor Lautner in roles of high school sweethearts.

"Valentine's Day" is available on Hulu with a subscription, and for purchase or rent on platforms like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Apple TV.

The cast includes favorites for everyone, from Academy Award winner Shirley MacLaine to George Lopez of ABC sitcom fame, and Patrick Dempsey, known as McDreamy from "Grey's Anatomy."

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