Shannon Sharpe confronts comedian Mike Epps on allegations of lying about a podcast invitation, leading to a heated exchange and plans for a face-to-face resolution.

Mike Epps makes inflammatory remarks during a stand-up routine, alleging Sharpe's approach for an interview and making suggestive comments about Sharpe's sexual orientation.

Sharpe addresses Epps' claims on his "Nightcap" podcast, challenges Epps to repeat the accusations, and vows to reveal direct messages to counter the alleged lies.

Sharpe announces intentions to settle the dispute with Epps during the NBA All-Star Weekend, acknowledging the situation could have been handled differently and expressing apologies to his family and fans.

Mike Epps responds to Sharpe's comments on Instagram, questioning the sudden desire for a physical altercation and maintaining that he reached out to Sharpe for a podcast appearance.

 Epps defends his comparison of Sharpe to Tyler Perry's Madea character, asserting that Sharpe resembled Madea during the controversial interview with Katt Williams.

Brief overview of Shannon Sharpe's professional career, spanning 14 years in the NFL, retirement in 2003, and subsequent roles as a sports commentator on CBS Sports, co-host on FS1's

Highlighting the popularity of Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast with 2.8 million YouTube subscribers and the success of a recent interview with comedian Mo’Nique, accumulating 10 million views since its release on Feb. 7.

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