Ryan Reynolds and Randall Park recreate a classic scene from "The Office" in a teaser for John Krasinski's film "IF."

The behind-the-scenes teaser features Reynolds discussing the movie, interrupted by Park pretending to be Krasinski.

Reynolds questions Park's identity, highlighting physical differences and quizzing him on Krasinski's personal details.

The banter continues as Reynolds refuses to accept Park as Krasinski, suggesting he found the answers on Wikipedia.

The teaser includes discussions about the concept and making of "IF," along with snippets from the live-action-meets-Pixar movie.

The joke in the teaser references a season nine episode of "The Office," where Randall Park's character pranks Dwight Schrute by pretending to be Jim Halpert.

"IF" is a family film about imaginary friends, directed by Krasinski and starring Reynolds, Blunt, Gossett Jr., Rudolph, Damon, Waller-Bridge, and Carell.

The film is set for release on May 17, featuring a young girl who can see other people's imaginary friends.

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