The Kansas City Chiefs secured their second consecutive Super Bowl victory in a thrilling overtime game, solidifying their status as a dynasty with three championships since 2020.

Despite the joyous celebration for Chiefs fans, the San Francisco 49ers' last-minute defeat left their fanbase demoralized, especially as their team had led for a significant portion of the game.

Some 49ers fans reacted poorly to the loss, with videos surfacing after the game showing destructive behavior, fights, and stunned silence at watch parties.

Social media, including platforms like TikTok and X, became a platform for sharing these fan reactions, capturing moments of frustration and disappointment.

One video posted by Barstool Sports on TikTok showed a 49ers fan throwing an object at a projector screen in reaction to the loss, breaking the screen and causing it to crash to the floor.

a heartbroken fan in a Brock Purdy jersey lifted a coffee table and threw it at a wall, where the game had been projected, eliciting comments about the intensity of the tantrum.

A different fan attacked their television with a bottle of Jack Daniels, resulting in a cracked and broken TV, leaving others in a state of horrified silence.

One extreme case involved a 49ers fan who, after losing a $20,000 bet on the game, smashed his TV. The video depicted a physical altercation between the upset fan and a celebrating Chiefs fan,

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