After nine years, Jon Stewart made a triumphant return to his iconic desk at "The Daily Show," a show he turned into a cultural phenomenon.

During Stewart's absence, there were various temporary hosts, with plans still in place to name a permanent successor from the pool of correspondents hosting on other weekdays.

Stewart maintained his trademark humor, poking fun at himself and jokingly claiming he returned because he had "committed a lot of crimes."

The opening segment featured addressingStewart's political satire,  topics ranging from the Super Bowl to the 2024 election, with a particular focus on the Trump family and President Biden.

Despite his online presence, occasional rants, and hosting Apple TV+'s "The Problem with Jon Stewart," the show was canceled due to concerns about potential controversial statements.

Stewart continued his role as the disgruntled voice of outrage and humor, criticizing both Donald Trump and President Biden for various reasons.

Stewart discussed the responsibilities of voters and candidates, emphasizing the importance of addressing concerns and criticisms in the political landscape.

Closing the segment, Stewart reflected on his career as a continuous conversation with the audience and shared a serious message about actively working for the world one envisions. 

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