The energetic exhibition baseball team, Savannah Bananas, brought their unique style of play to George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa as part of their world tour.

Adding a touch of WWE glamour to the baseball field, wrestling and acting star John Cena made a one-of-a-kind guest appearance for the Bananas.

Cena, known for his theatrical entrances in WWE, emerged from the dugout in a complete baseball uniform, accompanied by his iconic "The Time is Now" entrance song.

Cena entertained the crowd by performing his entire WWE routine, including the famous "You can't see me" gesture, with his new teammates joining in on the fun.

Adopting a batting stance reminiscent of Craig Counsell, Cena stepped into the batter's box and theatrically squatted, hoping to draw a walk on the first pitch.

Despite the theatrical build-up, Cena was called out on strikes. In a humorous twist, he appeared ready to charge the mound but instead raised the hand of the pitcher, humorously signifying a victory.

Adding to the spectacle, Cena was presented with a championship belt during his time with the Bananas, embracing the theatrical spirit of his wrestling persona.

Cena joins a list of notable guest stars for the Bananas, including former MLB players like Jonny Gomes, Johnny Damon, Josh Reddick, and former outfielder Nick Swisher, who appeared for the team on the previous day.

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