In an exclusive first look from the upcoming biopic "Michael," Jaafar Jackson, nephew of the legendary Michael Jackson, remarkably captures the essence of the "Man in the Mirror" singer.

Lionsgate and Universal Pictures International unveil an image of Jaafar as a near doppelganger of his late uncle, shot during the scrutinized Dangerous Tour of 1992 to 1993.

Renowned photographer Kevin Mazur, known for capturing Michael over the years, shares his excitement about the project, drawing parallels between shooting the film and his experiences on tour with Michael.

Mazur teases that witnessing Jaafar perform is like seeing Michael himself, emphasizing the uncanny resemblance in looks, mannerisms, and overall embodiment of the iconic King of Pop.

Director Antoine Fuqua discusses the collaborative efforts involved in the biopic, reuniting artists who worked with Michael.

Recognizing the challenge of portraying Michael on screen, producers opt for a family member for the leading role. Jaafar Jackson, 27, emerges as the ideal candidate, being the second youngest son of Jermaine Jackson, a former Jackson 5 member.

Jaafar's upbringing in a musical family in Los Angeles is highlighted, and his 2019 musical debut with the song "Got Me Singing" draws parallels to Michael's sound,

Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, expresses joy at Jaafar embodying her son in the film, emphasizing the continuation of the Jackson legacy of entertainers and performers.

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