South Africa offers unique and luxurious train journeys, and one standout attraction is "The Train on the Bridge," a hotel in Skukuza within Kruger National Park.

The hotel's concept pays homage to the early 1920s when steam trains traversed Kruger on the Selati Railway Line, providing tourists access to the park.

The hotel features 24 modern suites with balconies and a pool, housed in renovated train carriages purchased from Transnet, South Africa's rail logistics operator.

Guests enjoy a close-up view of wildlife, including the "Big Five," with east-facing floor-to-ceiling windows allowing a glimpse of the dawn and river activities.

The project involves the local community, with staff, including guides like Thuli Mnisi, offering a unique and breathtaking experience for visitors.

The hotel's fine dining restaurant serves local delicacies like crocodile, venison, and springbok carpaccio, with an emphasis on using indigenous ingredients from the hotel's kitchen garden.

Opened in December 2020 after COVID-19 delays, the hotel welcomes guests for its fourth summer season, offering double and twin rooms starting at 9,950 Rand ($530) per person, per night.

For those wanting more train history, the Motsamayi Tourism Group owns Kruger Station, home to the last train to operate in the park

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